The Vegetarian Diet is Healthy and Saves the Planet Essay

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Human life and health is based on nutrition, physical activity and the existence of our planet. Without food or enough oxygen the humans can’t survive, they die. As human’s lifestyle, technology and knowledge changed over the last few decades, so did the causes of death. Obesity, which leads to the diseases on top of death reasons, has been growing in America, because of the wrong choice of diet. Meat contains too much fat and unnatural nutrition, which is not healthy for us. The number one factor in the destruction of our most important source of oxygen; the rainforest, is cattle grazing, our call for more and more meat is without regard of our own or the planet’s wellbeing. These are the reasons why the vegetarian diet should be chosen …show more content…
For the reason that in a vegetarian diet the focus is on eating healthier food instead of counting calories or reducing daily food amount, a vegetarian diet is not considered as a regular weight loss diet. The diet automatically reduces the desire for unhealthy food and prevents a yo-yo effect in this way. The best beginning, before actually becoming a vegetarian, is to get informed about what nutrition the human body actually needs. The vegetarian food pyramid (Mayo Clinic) shows a healthy way to eat excluding meat. Replacing meat and fish with some of their substitutes as seeds, beans and tofu works out quite well. Starting a vegetarian diet opens the spectrum of healthy food, as vegetable fruits and grains. The difference to a regular weight loss diet is that there is no force to disclaim of anything, except the omission of meat and fish. In the vegetarian diet the body reaches a certain point, when the weight loss stops, that means it has reached an optional, healthy status. Most people don't realize why they get a yo-yo effect after stopping a regular weight loss diet. It's because people start turning on their digestion and after a while, when stopping with the diet, the digestions slows down again. The digestion in the vegetarian diet doesn't work in the same way. It improves because of the abdication of meat, but also because the higher content of fiber in meat

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