The Veil Is A Piece Of Sheer Material Worn By Women

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A veil is a piece of sheer material worn by women to conceal their faces, that very piece of material symbolizes sacredness. In traditional Christian religion the veil is worn by the bride in white on her wedding day as she approaches her groom at the alter. He uncovers her face at the end of the ceremony and they kiss. Once that tradition is done the bride and the groom live their lives together without her ever having to wear the veil again. However, In the Muslim religion predominantly in Saudi Arabia the veil is also considered sacred, but used for different purposes. For the women of Saudi Arabia wearing the veil is part of their everyday life. In fact it is forbidden for them not to wear it, their veil is worn routinely. The women of Saudi should know that living behind the veil is a form of abuse toward them. A life in front of the veil is more enjoyable and liberating. Just because they walk in the street without their veil does not make them promiscuous nor should they be punished for it. Living behind the veil may be all the women of Saudi Arabia know, some may be comfortable with it, others afraid of the consequences they will face for not wearing it. Either way they do not have much of a choice since they are constantly chaperoned around by a male guardian know as a “mahram”, according to 4 “The guardian is often a male relative and will accompany women on all their errands, including trips and visits to the doctor”. Can you imagine having to go
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