The Veil Is A Symbol Of Religion

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The veil is a symbol of both culture and religion. In Islam, many women choose to wear a type of veil for religious reasons. A female that covers her head may be deemed as a pious and modest individual. However, there are multiple explanations for why the veil became such an important symbol in the Islamic community as well as across the globe. Despite the fact that a veil is a rather simple object, it is nonetheless full of symbolism and rich history. Unfortunately, this symbolism and history is often ignored by the non-Muslim world. When the reasons and explanations of and for something are largely disregarded, the result is rarely positive. For example, the veil is the epitome of this issue. Whether it is religion or politics, the average individual does not enjoy being challenged. It is easier to go with your ‘gut’ than it is to actually take a trip to the library and check out a book. In other words, due to the complexity and numerous meanings of the Islamic veil, the typical non-Muslim does not make an effort to educate themselves. This lack of education, and ignorance, leads to wholly incorrect assumptions that then lead to dangerous mindsets. In addition to ignorance, the culture that surrounds areas of the world in which Islam is prevalent contributes to the intricacy of the issue. I believe the veil is a religious symbol that has a multifaceted history with intricate details regarding religion and culture. The purpose of this paper is to examine how ignorance and
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