The Veldt Literary Analysis

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The science-fiction thriller “The Veldt”, by Ray Bradbury is about a family of four who live in a very futuristic house that makes their way of living much easier. George and Lydia Hadley own the house and are also the parents of ten-year-old Wendy and Peter - two kids who are a little too spoiled in this story. In the Hadley household there is a nursery where Wendy’s and Peter’s thoughts are brought to life by way of crystal walls. The Veldt can be understood better using psychological and Marxist criticism. Specifically through Carl Jung’s theory, all people have three elements in them: Shadow, Persona, and Anima/Animus in which Wendy and Peter evidently show some sense of Jung’s Shadow in them. While looking the story through the psychological…show more content…
The nursery is a place where the kids’ imagination can be brought to life through a series of optical illusions and sonics. Usually, Wendy and Peter think about unicorns, fairy tales, or innocent fictional places and creatures. But then when George and Lydia venture into the nursery and nearly get mauled by what’s supposed to be a hologram of a lion, tensions rise between Lydia and George. Lydia wants to shut down the nursery and the house due to her paranoia, while George wants to keep it open because he is almost 100-percent positive that his design is foolproof and no harm would come from it. Later, when the kids come home for dinner, they give off a very eerie vibe; they come in with pinched pink cheeks, bright blue eyes and are holding hands (similar to the horror movie, The Shining). Then the two children act as if they do not even know what Africa is when George brings it up talking about the nursery. Afterward, when Lydia and George are in bed they both have a strange feeling that Wendy changed the nursery - and that Peter completely hacked into the system. When the parents finally break the news to the kids that the nursery and house are getting shut down for a little while, the story takes a dark turn. The kids go into a completel tantrum; begging and pleading to their father to keep
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