The Verbal Comprehension Index Measures The Ee107’S Ability

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The Verbal Comprehension Index measures the EE107’s ability to access and apply acquired word knowledge. Specifically, this score reflects her ability to verbalize meaningful concepts, think about verbal information, and express herself using words. On the Similarities subtest, EE107 had challenges with identifying how two words are alike. Similarly, on the Vocabulary subtest, EE107 could provide correct definition of basic words, but she struggled to provide definitions of higher level words. On the Verbal Comprehension Index, EE107 obtained a standard score of 55 which falls at the 0.1 percentile and within the extremely low range. Verbal Comprehension is a weakness for EE107, meaning that she may difficulty understanding oral language…show more content…
On the Fluid Reasoning Index, EE107 obtained a standard score of 76, which falls within the very low range and at the 5th percentile. The Working Memory Index measures the student’s ability to register, maintain, and manipulate visual and auditory information in conscious awareness. Working Memory assists an individual in controlling attention and resisting distractions. It is composed of the Digit Span and Picture Span subtests. On Digit Span, EE107 was asked to recall a list of in the same order, reverse order, and numerical order. Picture Span required EE107 to memorize pictures and identify them in order on a different page. Picture Span was a strength for EE107. There was a clinically significant difference between EE107’s Digit Span score (extremely low) and her Picture Span score (average). This discrepancy may indicate that EE107 can best utilize working memory in problem solving when a visual, rather than verbal, stimulus is used. Furthermore, on Digit Span, the numbers cannot be repeated; thus, the discrepancy between these scores may also indicate that the EE107 experienced a lapse in attention. On the Working Memory Index, EE107 obtained a standard score of 76, which is in

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