The Verbal-Visual Collage

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The verbal-visual collage I organized for Anne Michaels’ poem outlines the figurative imagery of women and nature becoming one. Pictures that demonstrate the idea being portrayed in each line of the poem were used. The main poetic device that Anne Michaels favoured in the poem, “Women on a Beach” was personification and metaphors. The poem is a total of 13 lines, and my collage consequently, contains 13 images. My personal favourite line in this poem is, “Far away in a boat, someone wears a red shirt, / a tiny stab in the pale sky” (line 2-3). I truly enjoy this line because of the bloody image it creates using my senses; it is similar to the blood imagery used in Macbeth by Shakespeare. Images used in my collage that I want to describe are firstly, the gull and white sail. I used these pictures to help describe the personification line, “Light chooses white sails, the bellies of gulls” (line 1). As one can see,…show more content…
However, the only completely white part of a gull is its belly, which resembles the colour of white sails. The line states that the light, a non-living thing, does a human action of “choosing” to shine on white sails, the bellies of gulls. Secondly, I chose the images of a knife with blood and a child wearing a red shirt with the sky in the background to help illustrate line 2-3 of the poem, “Far away in a boat, someone wears a red shirt, / a tiny stab in the pale sky.” The red shirt the child is wearing contrasts very strongly with the light sky background; it really grabs one’s eyes. I wanted to show how it is evident that the difference in colours in this picture, specifically with the use of the primary colour red, could be imagined as a stab in the sky where there is now blood. Lastly, a person simply just viewing my collage and not
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