The Very First Day of School (1945) Essay examples

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My mother took me to school on my first day. Mother had been telling me for weeks prior to the big day how wonderful school was going to be, so I was dutifully excited. She failed to mention that she was going to leave me with seventeen little strangers and one large lady. The large lady seemed to think that she was in control. I later learned that she was the teacher. She was trying to explain to Mother that I was not eligible to attend first grade because I would not be six until November of the following year. My mother was having none of that. She wanted me out of the house and into school and she did not care what the rules were. We had just moved from New Orleans to the woods of St. Helena Parish, where …show more content…
Few residents even possessed driver's licenses, and the ones who did only carried them when they planned to cross the parish line, In fact, my uncle's sons started driving when they were only twelve and thirteen. Their father needed them to drive his crops to market, and the sheriff needed my uncle's vote. It was a good quid pro quo situation. The sheriff looked the other way when residents committed minor infractions, and they looked the other way when the sheriff did the same. In other instances, residents who were sentenced to do jail time for major crimes sometimes did their hard time on the sheriff’s farm. He had the most productive farm and the emptiest jail in the state.

Standing there with Mother in that schoolroom that morning, it began to dawn on me that if Mother could argue this large lady down, then she was, indeed, going to leave me there. That is when I started crying, because I knew no one would win an argument with Mother. When I started crying, the seventeen little strangers started laughing. The more they laughed, the more I cried, creating a vicious cycle that spiraled out of control like a giant Frisbee. Mother brought us all back down to earth with a Frisbee shattering scream: "Shut up," she bellowed! I knew she meant me, so I did. The children thought she meant them, so they did. The teacher stopped wringing her hands and muttered, 'Well, maybe she is brighter than she looks. Maybe she will hit a growth spurt."

Mother handed the teacher a

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