The Veterans Health Administration Is The Largest Health Care System

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The Veterans Health Administration is the largest health care system in the U.S., with 92 million visits between 6.4 million patients in 2013. The VA has been blasted in the media lately due to various problems, some would argue that it should be dismantled others reformed. A veteran should not be forced to deal with the political posturing and backbiting that goes along with any bureaucracy. The Veteran Affairs or VA must come to grips with the problems it faces, an insufficient amount of health care workers to handle the increasing number of patient visits, a mismanagement of funds and services, and ineffective, unqualified or just plain poorly trained employees. The VA’s inspector general concluded that nearly 80% of performance bonuses handed out could not be justified with documentation (Senator Tom Coburn). In 2014 the VA handed out $276 million worth if incentives to various employees. $142 million of that was for performance bonuses. While the VA states the bonuses are way to retain and attract new employees, it needs to do a more thorough vetting process before handing out bonuses. Sheila Cullan was VA’s director of the Sierra Pacific network that oversaw 1 million veterans. It was discovered in 2009 that the master’s degree, she claimed she had on her resume from Bernard M. Baruch College-Mount Sinai School of Medicine, did not in fact exist. When questioned about it, she said “she did not know who wrote her resume.” She still managed to receive over $40,000 in
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