The Vex Forge Mind: A Short Story

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The Vex Forge Mind has been awoken, its hateful minions rise to destroy Noske, Morency, and Skinner. The trio split up, everyone dove behind some cover, Skinner and Morency behind elevator rubble, Noske knelt down next to a weapon assembly table, The lonely ghost floated frightened under the table next to him. The outnumbered guardians opened fire on the Vex horde, The Vex weren’t like other enemies, they were unrelenting even in the face of certain death, they march forward unflinching, driven in their purpose, Their march continued even though the guardians had mowed down several of them, the already difficult situation got worse when the Forge Mind began moving forward and firing its Torch Hammers at the guardians. “We won’t last much longer, if this…show more content…
“No harm. No foul, right?” Noske replied. Skinner backed away from the group holding his hand up to his helmet “Orianna is on the way” he said “Orianna has been on her way for hours” Noske retorted, his comment was followed by a large crashing sound behind him. all four guardians raised their weapons toward the sound, only to see Orianna standing amongst the rubble. “it’s about time you showed up” Morency said, lowering his gun “Save your jokes, we’ve got incoming” She said, pushing aside scrap from the elevator remains. “Incoming?” Noske asked, his question was answered by a rumble in the building, tiny pebbles and dust fell from the ceiling. “I don’t know if Cabal High Command knows of the traitors or if the Siege Dancers are clearing the area, but this building is coming down
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