The Viable Alternative of Mobile Payments

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Question #1 Mobile payments allow certain freedoms that previous technologies could not accomplish. Laudon & Travor (2011) discussed how digital information security is extremely important in providing a market where certain levels of expectations may be met. Stakeholders within the payment systems must be reassured that a fair and honest transaction can be reasonably executed. In my home country of Nigeria, it is understood that this market is well established and is thriving. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that mobile payments is a viable alternative for my groups proposed business site. Nigeria is a third world nation that has struggled socially, economically and intellectually over the period of its existence. New markets however have begun to emerge and Nigeria, perhaps due to long periods of conflict and stunted economic growth, has shown leadership and vision in new business ideas early in this twenty first century. Some believe that this is key to Africa becoming integrated to the West. Eze (2012) recently suggested that " This has all the while appeared as another huge potential sector in Nigeria especially and the rest of Africa. If the mobile money experiments go on smoothly, the way payments and purchases of items and services are made will change." Along with other emerging countries within this geographic region such as Kenya and Ghana, have played key roles in issuing mobile money licenses and web payments on e-commerce sites. Coker
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