The Vice President Of Human Resource For Moore Beer, Inc.

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Muzhda Rasool Webster University HRMG 5700 Midterm 07-03-2016 Introduction As the Vice President of Human Resource for Moore Beer, Inc., it is my duty and responsibility to direct all of Moore Beer, Inc. employees in accordance with the company 's policies and procedures as well as abide by all the laws that are put in place to protect employee’s rights. Moore Beer, Inc. has suffered a decrease in sales profits, as a result the company is reducing its workforce. The President of the company asked me to look into the five employees listed below and decide who to terminate as well as provide the reason why the termination is necessary. My job is to terminate three out of the five employees. I will be analyzing and evaluating each employee based on their record at Moore Beer, Inc. and deciding a course of action for each employee in accordance with their employment history regarding past employee performance and the United States Labor laws to protect my company from future liabilities. Mike Smith Mike Smith, a 34-year-old Asian male, according to this case, he is a model employee. He has an above average track record, and even though employees have a hard time understanding him because of his thick accent, it does not change the fact that his productivity level is high. He also has a Bachelor 's degree in Information Systems and has had no absenteeism. The course of action I would take for Mike is that I would terminate him because his services will not
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