The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding

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The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding 1. Effect of Smith’s outburst on the other managers at the meeting. There is a conflict in this situation. The Vice President Mr. Nick Smith, reprimanded Tom Brewster directly when he failed to answer questions asked by him. Smith’s outburst definitely had an effect on the other managers at the meeting. A conflict is a disagreement within the context of an organisational setting, between individual members, groups or departments or between employees and the organisation. There is an individual conflict between the Vice President and the assistant Product Manager. The managers were not motivated during the meeting and this is likely to reduce their productivity in the…show more content…
Smith is verbally assertive and an effective communicator. This quality helps him influence the group effectively. During the meeting, he asks probing questions and confronts Brewster. After the meeting, he finds the right words to tell Brewster in order to heal the wound he created in him. This quality makes Smith an effective leader and i would therefore work for him. Smith has problems with the workforce diversity. At first he sees Brewster as a young man who has no knowledge about his group of products. Smith working for me means that he will not want young people who have little work experience to work with him. This will be a problem which might arise. From the discussion above, if Smith was working for me, i would make him the leader of the group. Working for Smith If Smith was my employer, he would expect nothing short of the set targets. I would therefore strive to achieve those targets to avoid confrontations. Smith is a person who sometimes is unable to control his emotions. He overreacts when he sees a problem which can amicably be solved through communication. This means that it will be difficult to work for Smith. 5. How Smith defines Brewster’s responsibilities as an assistant product manager? Smith Brewster the responsibility of criticising actions of the top level managers. This means that Brewster should have his say when it comes to decision making in the

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