The Victimization of The Jewish Culture Essay

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Throughout history, hate crime has been evident through past, significant events. Events such as the genocide in Rwanda, ethnic conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the targeting of Native Americans in early colonial periods, and the lynchings of African Americans are mass-based hate crimes. Today, hate crime has become more prevalent with approximately 1,002 documented hate groups in the United States (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2011). More cases involving the violence of intolerance and bigotry appear, such as the murder of James Byrd because of his race and the killing of Matthew Wayne Sheppard because of his sexual orientation. In simple definition, hate crime is the intentional violence to hurt or intimidate someone because of…show more content…
Just as the Jewish population, the process of the hate crime started with a psychotic, manipulative, mentally ill person, who convinced another to murder soldier Barry Winchell. Before organizations such as the Anti- Defamation League (ADL), the Jewish population was targeted throughout history, and society has had to approach this victimization. Throughout History Despite the efforts now to protect the Jewish population, significant events in history targeted the religious group. Jewish persecution has existed since 250 C.E. (The Common Era) in Canhage (Grosser & Halperin, 1978). Cities and countries including Rome, Italy, Jerusalem, Venice, and Spain continually persecuted the Jewish population by burning them alive, outlawing/expelling them, and burning/confiscating property including synagogues. The earth-shattering Babylonian captivity occurred in 587-538 BCE, resulting in the Jews of the Kingdom of Judah being held captive in the city of Babylon. Jews were a despised minority during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. As stated by the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, “Their presence was tolerated, but they were restricted to certain trades such as money-lending, could only live in certain areas that were known as ghettos, and had to wear distinctive clothing to distinguish themselves from Christians” (2011). During this time, Jews were accused of multiple
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