The Victims Of A Crime

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Victims of a crime have been a part of a serious trauma no matter what the crime was. That crime inflicted on them will change the way that person is and lives their life to some extent. The victim themselves or a family of a victim may not know the extent of the individuals crime until the trauma has been identified through intervention. During the intervention of a victim, problem and therapeutic intervention will take place, exploring the client’s coping strategies, and referrals to human resource agencies will also take place to help the victim recover from the crime.

Problem and therapeutic intervention is also referred to as problem solving therapy and when it is put to use towards victims of a crime, the goal is to improve the victim’s ability to cope with the trauma that was inflicted upon them. Anyone can be a victim or witness of a crime, however, when a child is seen as a victim of a crime it can be on two ends of the spectrum. To elaborate, a child that is a victim of a crime may be overly questioned and protected after the trauma or they can be ignored and none of what they witnessed can be accounted for in the case against the offender. There must be a balance of this spectrum when it comes to victims or witnesses of a crime, especially when children are involved. There are a few innovative practices that should be followed when interviewing and getting a child ready for the court system. For example, “personnel trained in interviewing children [should] meet
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