The Victims Of Teen Dating Violence And Substance Abuse

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Consequences of this type of victimization are of increasing public health concern. Several studies identified a significant correlation among victims of teen dating violence and substance abuse. Those committing the act were more likely to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and victims show increasing signs of substance addiction to cope (Temple et al., 2013). Victims of teen dating violence can have increased problems associated with mental health, sexual risk behaviors, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, weight issues, and suicidal ideology (Maas, 2010). As a result of these health problems students may become dropouts and achieve low academic score. The cost of intimate partner violence against women was estimated to cost almost six billion dollars in 1995 alone. By 2003 the cost was estimate to have exceed $8.3million to include assault, rape, death, and stalking. Victims of severe violence have lost a total of 8 million days of work (CDC, 2015). So how can one correct and/or prevent the occurrence of intimate domestic violence among this impressionable population? Prevention should begin no later than middle school age. Stopping the problematic behavior before it starts its key. However, the world isn’t perfect therefore student may participate in programs to help control anger management and build social skills. Many school promote healthy dating habits and relationships within the teen population. This is done via programs such Dating matters,
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