The Victims Of The Disabled

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When I heard the word disability, many things come to mind. I think of an innocent person, who knows nothing about their surroundings. I can see in my head of other people laughing at them, making fun of them, beating, bullying, discriminating them, etc. I think the disability suffer more than what people know. I feel like what people know is the disabled are abnormal, but they don’t realized there are other things that the disabled suffer from. I believed the disabled have to overcome many things in their daily life. Like the way people stare and judge them wherever they go. In the video “ Examined Life’ of Taylor and Judith, Taylor mentioned how people stared at her when she carried the coffee with her mouth. People stare because she uses her body part differently. She also said that when people stare at her like that, it makes the task even more difficult. This example shows me that the disabled are being judged everywhere they go, and for everything they does. Many people don’t realize that the little things they do, make the disabled life even harder. Not only they are being judge and stared at, they were also discriminatory and treated negatively. I’m working with a guy, who is a little bit slow, and his face expression makes people feel uncomfortable because he don’t smile, he always seems unhappy. The way his work is very slow. I think because of his slowness, many people doesn’t like him. There was one customer came in the other day, and he was taking care of her.

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