The Victims Of Violent Crime

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Introduction Victims of violent crime experience extreme emotional distress, which is particularly intense for those who suffer serious physical injuries that require hospitalization. Unfortunately, most victims leave the hospital without receiving any services to reduce this distress or any information about crime victim compensation programs to which they may be entitled. Moreover, many victims do not participate in the judicial process because such participation would exacerbate the emotional problems they are experiencing and because they know little about it. This lack of criminal justice system knowledge may further contribute to victims’ emotional problems; particularly if they are called on to participate in the process.…show more content…
Although there have not been systematic, detailed investigations to determine the extent to which graduate programs have included curriculum in the area of abuse, the professional literature suggests that graduate training programs have largely ignored abuse as a specific content area. Alpert (1990), for example, noted that there is "relatively little formal education and training in child sexual abuse". A subsequent survey of female psychologists also showed that student-teacher sexual contact was quite common (17%) and that, in hindsight, women believed that they were negatively affected by such contact (Glaser & Thorpe, 1986). These reports of negative effects, particularly when viewed in the context of ethics and coercion, raise questions of whether such intimacies may in some cases constitute abuse. Most participants believed that student-educator sexual contact was unethical regardless of whether it occurred during (96.2%) or outside (72.8%) of the working relationship. Only 2.5% of the participants believed that such involvements were not at all coercive if they occurred in the working relationship; only 17% believed involvements were not at all coercive if they occurred outside of the working relationship. Problem statement When asking for a physical therapist to help people to overcome an injury or a lifelong sprain. That situation can have a million problems to it. One of the problems is that
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