The Victorian Er The Victorian Period During The Victorian Era

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One of the darker and more mysterious periods in history is the Victorian Era. The nineteenth century was a major point in literary history, with stories mostly related to supernatural beings, poetry, and fantastic literature. There were also multiple different religions, such as Christianity and Judaism. The people in England were very religious and went to church every sunday. Despite their social class, women were always home and doing their housework, while men were out working to earn money for the family. The clothing style was very formal and posh; the rich having finer cloths. The Victorian Era was an interesting time period because of its politics, literature, society and culture.
The political history of the Victorian Era was based on Queen Victoria and her views and outlooks on everything. Queen Victoria was the reigning queen during the nineteenth century, with her husband and several children. This showed femininity, which centered around family and homely feels. She was described as the mother of the nation. She became the model of marital stability, with her husband Albert. Their marriage was said to represent “marital harmony.” Literature was somewhat related to the political history of the family feel.
Literature during the Victorian Era had a variety of writing types. People in the Victorian Era read and/or wrote things; such as novels, children's literature, poetry, drama, and supernatural and fantastic literature. The
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