The Victorian Era And The Colonial Era

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Savannah Workman Professor Tehseen Ifran English 202 31 January 2016 The Victorian Era The Victorian Era or the romantic period was a time in which Queen Victoria ruled the throne. The Victorian period formally began in 1837 the year in which Victoria became the Queen of England and ended in 1901 the year in which she was laid to rest. In this paper, I will discuss Queen Victoria’s life or what we all know to be “The Victorian Era.” I will highlight some of the most powerful events that occurred during this time, the many reforms that were passed during Queen Victoria’s ruling, I will discuss the political, cultural, and social developments of this time period. I will speak about some inventions of the Victorian Era, and the two main political parties better known as the Tory and Whigs that were popular during this age. You will discover what imperialism is, the commonwealth, The British Monarch and why and how Victoria was such a remarkable monarch. I will even tell you some of the most interesting facts that I have learned to be true about Queen Victoria. First a little back history, May 24, 1819 marked a birth in history that most definitely did not go unnoticed. Born into a royal family in Kensington Palace came the one and only Princess Alexandrina Victoria. Victoria may have been born into royalty but, she actually grew up not being surrounded by wealth. She grew up in a normal home instead of a palace. Little did the princess know that she would become heir to the
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