The Victory Of Lebron James And The Cleveland Cavaliers

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The recent victory of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers gives us a clear view into the dynamics of what makes a strong team. The Cavs collectively pulled together when the odds seemed impossible, but their efforts made them victors. A group is a couple of people put together for no apparent reason. The team is like a basketball team; every player has a position. On a team there 's a leader, being the coach, and that leader can choose to disseminate information to the players through the team captain. Everyone is not meant to lead and there are some people that prove that they have the ability to do more than just follow directions. Throughout this course we have learned the importance of team cohesion, communication, conflict resolution, motivation, inclusion, and the importance of diversity. It is important to know the different dynamics between that of a group and that of a team. Cohesion is the property that molds the team together. Cohesion is the fabric of a team; it 's how well they mesh with. It 's snowing the purpose of being a whole. No longer being I, a team member has to get in the mindset of "we." The willingness and ability to communicate with each other and overcome personality differences in order to make their group successful will prove if the random group can transform into a team. Being in management myself I know that proper communication and effectively dealing with conflict are very important. The way that we resolve conflict is through proper

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