The Video Alex And Melinda

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In the video Alex and Melinda, it stars Alex Baker, the regional sales manager of the company and Melinda Perez, a salesperson from the company. They are having their 6 month meeting on Melinda’s current sales. Melinda works in the South American headquarters and Alex brings to light that her sales are low, so he staged a meeting about expectations and performance. Alex starts off the meeting with just checking in on Melinda on how she is doing and what’s new with her. Alex then quickly states that her sales numbers are down by 40 percent in one of her South American quarters. She then says the reason for that is that in this business it’s tough for a female to get business and that being a single woman trying to maintain different headquarters by herself is tough. Melinda also brings up that her performance on the job has not been bad and that she is still getting the work done. So she said that she could get the sales back up, but she would need an assistant for help like all the other salespersons have. Her main point is that she is the only one who can get the job done because she relates to the South American market because she is a bilingual South American woman. Another point she is making is that she does not get enough credit in her opinion, she states that for being the top 5 out of 100 salesperson in the company she is facing too many challenges. Alex then tries to combat that and say that there was no form of communication between the two of them about…
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