The Video : An Effective Intervention Model For Ptsd

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The following provides a brief overview and critique of the intervention video. The video provides a visual of a therapeutic session using cognitive processing therapy (CPT) with a veteran diagnosed with post-traumatic disorder (PTSD). There is significant evidence that distinguishes CPT as an effective intervention model for PTSD. Background Information The therapist is from a private practice contracted through the Veterans Affairs Health Care system. The provide comprehensive therapy services for a variety of issues to include PTSD, depression, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Therapist within the agency use a designated therapeutic room. The room incorporates a trauma informed approach design using natural colors and soft lighting. The social worker is a 30 year old, bi-racial woman who is a co-founder of the agency and has been providing therapy to veterans for over 5 years. The client, Sally, is a 28 year old, African American woman who is an active duty veteran stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia. She is a relationship, has no children, and is from the Midwest, were the majority of her family currently lives. She joined the military right after high school and has served since. After returning from her tour in Afghanistan a few months ago, she exhibited symptoms that led to her diagnosis of PTSD. She has not sought counseling despite numerous referrals. Recently, several of her fellow comrades decided to host a party in a nearby hotel to celebrate coming home
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