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The video Empire of Death attempts to explain the circumstances surrounding a group of Nubian people who had been buried alive. It questions if they were they participants in a mass suicide or if they were murdered? The video discusses the similarities between the beliefs of the ancient Nubians and modern day mass suicide cults such as Heaven’s Gate and the people who died at Jonestown. Searching for examples of the mass suicides, the video discusses various graves that have been excavated in the Egyptian desert. It critiques the assumption made by George Reisen that a grave site discovered was Egyptian and not Nubian, as was later determined. The video details the loss of valuable artifacts due to the building of a dam close to ancient…show more content…
Mr. Reisen mistook the Nubian grave site for an Egyptian site due to its location and the artifacts that were found inside of the tomb. Also, the discussion of the building of modern dams in the area of the Nubian societies remnants and its effects on the modern people who live in the area did not help to answer the question of the reason for the deaths of these people. The coverage of the beliefs of the ancient groups was very slight and superficial. Modern day suicide cults were mentioned without depth, and the comparisons of the beliefs of the two groups was too basic to provide any valuable insights. As a student researching the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the servants of the king who followed him in his death, I would find it hard to use this video as a source due to the lack of convincing evidence that is presented. Video #2 The Plague In The Plague the effects of the Black Death that ravaged Europe in the fourteenth century are described. The video begins by discussing the conditions that were the norm at the beginning of the 1340’s. To the people at the time, the church and its teachings were the answer to all of life’s questions. Even medicine was closely associated with the teachings of the Bible. The plague began in Mongolia and followed the trade routes that had been opened between Europe and China. The medical establishment of the day believed the plague was caused by noxious vapors, but it was actually

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