The Video Game Industry Is A Billion Dollar Industry With An Ever Growing Fan Base

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Bhavan Vaidya
Full Sail University

Introduction The video game industry is a billion dollar industry with an ever-growing fan base. Nowadays, video games production companies are investing high amount of money in this business to develop games for fan. They also need people working and they are hiring employees that can help a game to produce a batter example for future. Thus, management and leadership is an important factor to lead a team. Lead a team of creative people in not an easy task. It contains lot of intelligence and leadership qualities. In this conditions, several problems related to team and leadership acquires. This research will elaborate some of the main problem, topic, theories and some of solution towards video games production teams. In my view, most of the time, companies faces the issue of conflict within their team to produce a game. I would like to explain the question of conflict that how it took place within a creative team and how it could be resolve. Conflict is a major impact on a team. It could lead a team to a batter solution or disordered team. Where it could also be commendable with leadership. Conflict is co-related to team and leadership. It can be seen as an issue where some of resolution could be used to make it right and lead a way to a creative idea and immerge into a batter performance in team. Conflict take place into this field often because creative minds always represents some sort of pure

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