The Video Game Market Analysis

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The Xbox One is the most advanced entertainment and video game platform in history. People all over America would line up at the doors at a local Game Stop or Best Buy, spending hours waiting to get a chance to be one of the first owners of this technological masterpiece. The video game market accounts for $70 million in 2013, with console games making up 43 percent of that total. Microsoft has produced some pretty successful gaming systems, such as the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. These consoles were very popular and used by many because of the price, exclusives, interface innovations, graphical performance and brand loyalty. With the upcoming release of the Xbox One, rumors began to spread and the idea of the new console having and…show more content…
These three consoles have dominated the gaming industry for the next eight years. These consoles were the seventh generation of console gaming. Gamers come in many different shapes and sizes. There are six different categorizations of gamers, hardcore gamers, digital gamers, mobile gamers, family and kid gamers, heavy PC gamers and light PC gamers. All of there people have played a major role in the development of consoles. All of these gamers were very anxious on finding out what the new eighth generation console would bring. Once Microsoft released the information on the new Xbox One people were outraged and created a lot of conflict and worry for the developers working for Microsoft. On April 4, 2013 gaming website Kotaku reported that the next-generation Xbox console would require an always-on internet connection in order to operate. This meant that once the Xbox was hooked up it had to have a constant internet connection in order to play regardless if a gamer wanted to play online or not. This created a big uproar in the gaming industry. Gamers did not like the idea of always being connected to the internet, for some it seemed like an invasion of privacy and for others it would have been hard to find a strong and lasting internet connection. With this idea, Microsoft has excluded some potential customers that would not have a strong internet connection to opt for the new PS4 by Sony. These customers would
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