The Video Game Systems And The Internet

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Pinball is a game many remember fondly, though few venture to play. Initially, pinball was replaced by video games such as Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac Man; eventually even they would be forgotten in favor of home video game systems and the internet. However, prior to its disappearance, pinball had a lifespan of approximately 70 years, during which it endured a 34 year ban in many places; having been convicted of being immoral games of chance (Porges, n.d.). Hollywood used it to represent rebels, songs were sung about it, and perhaps, the taboo created made it that much more fascinating to play. Pinball is a coin or token operated, inclined, self standing game which utilizes a plunger, flippers, one to five metal balls, and various obstacles and targets. The object of the game is to use the plunger to shoot a ball into the playing field where there is an assortment of targets. Utilizing flippers, found at the bottom and sides of the field, one maneuvers the ball through random obstacles to yield the most points possible while attempting not to lose the ball. Initially, the original pinball machine, which made its debut in 1931, lacked flippers and legs and was played as a counter top game (Bellis, n.d.). Legs were added soon after debut; however flippers would not make an appearance until 1947, a full ten-years after the bumper (Bellis, n.d.). Due to the lack of flippers, gamers often shook and lifted the game in order to get the ball to go where they wanted it to

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