The Video, Leadership Decisions

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The title of the video, “Leadership Decisions” explains pretty clearly what the talking points will be. After 20 seconds of watching the video, I was thinking this was going to be a basic message about making a decision which we as leaders make every day. Watching the rest of the video, my opinion change and it really hit me. Even though we make decisions every day, we are impacting the individuals we lead, the business we run, and the customers we serve. Leaders cannot just make a decision or have an opinion, they must express it even when it could upset others. A silent manager is not a leader. When a leadership group is making an important decision in a company, it is better to have multiple opinions rather than just one. This…show more content…
My biggest opportunity and item that will affect the company the most is I must speak up more with the leadership group regarding my ideas and decisions. This includes challenging others ideas when I disagree or have questions. I can also incorporate the big decision in my daily life by starting to take on more responsibility for my new Regional HR Director. This will make my job have more pressure, set my standards higher and prepare me for a SR HR Manager position within the next 2 years. Video 2 (Leadership is an Obligation) Leadership is an obligation. How many times do individuals want or take on a new position for the wrong reasons like more money, power, control over people, selfishness, etc. These leaders are the ones who make poor decisions, are bad leaders and are more prone to do scandalous/dishonest acts. When an individual is a leader, they must have higher goals, values and principles than the people they lead. If they don’t, they will deflate their staffs ideas, standards, work, motivation, etc. Basically, they will incorporate the same mindset as their poor leader hurting the business and their personal growth. To be an obligated leaders, you must understand who you are in debt to. I call it, who you serve. A leaders must serve and understand their customers. Without customers, a business does not exist. Understanding what the customers’ needs are and how you can exceed them will allow for a good business plan. But that is not
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