The Video Of Last Week Tonight By John Oliver

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Reaction Assignment In the video of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver discusses the problem of mass incarceration in the United States. He starts by talking about the extremely large prison population in America. According to Oliver America has a larger prison population than China despite having a much smaller overall population. In fact America has the largest prison population in the entire world. He then discusses how the prison population is mostly populated with minorities and that whites are extremely underrepresented in prisons. Oliver talks about how the prison population has grown eight times larger since 1970 and of that population 50% of the people in federal prisons and 25% of people in state prisons are there for a drug related crime. Oliver continues the discussion by talking about the general lack of public concern for prisoners. He uses clips from television shows as examples of how popular culture uses prison as a joke and does not take it seriously specifically when talking about sexual assault in prisons. He then shows another clip of the Director of Federal Prisons not knowing how big a solitary confinement cell is to point out that even the people in charge of prisons seem not to care about them. Oliver’s next talking point is about prisons becoming privatized and companies like Aramark and the Geo who care more about the profit of the companies than the prisoners they take care of. He ends the segment by summarizing that the conditions
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