The Video Of The Lesson

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Lesson Analysis
After reviewing the video of the lesson I recorded and analyzing the results, I feel very positive about the lesson outcomes. Prior to the start of this lesson, each student completed the pre-assessment. Students were then placed in groups based on their readiness level. This assessment displayed the need for differentiation during small group instruction. To begin the lesson I brought in a stuffed chicken to use as a tool to introduce the concept of using digraphs. This activity seemed to start on a positive note. The students were excited and seemed eager to learn. While I was discussing the “ch” digraph found in the word “chicken” the students seemed to be fully attentive. I was impressed as to how well they were listening. During guided practice, as a whole group the students practiced using digraphs and learned the sounds they make using the website on the Smart Board. The students were actively engaged during this activity. It was apparent they enjoyed the integration of technology within the lesson. They then participated in a digraph picture sorting activity. It was fun to see students the students working collaboratively with each other to sort the pictures. After reflecting on this portion of the lesson, I feel this is an area in need of improvement. I feel it would have been more effective to break students up into smaller groups prior to completing the picture sorting activity. Some students seemed to struggle staying on
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