The Video Opiate Addiction : Understanding Replacement Therapy Essay

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In the video Opiate Addiction: Understanding Replacement Therapy, Scott Farnum talks about methadone replacement therapy. There were many topics covered in this video and the topics were introduced in a psychoeducational format. The topics covered included a brief history opioids, brain chemistry, post acute withdrawal syndrome, abstinence based treatment programs verses harm reduction, and how an individual asses the damages of opioids on the brain. As a counselor in training, I found all the information useful because I have not studied methadone replacement therapy in detail. One of the most interesting facts that Scott Farnum mentioned was about the withdrawal period of Opioids. As a substance abuse counselor in training I have heard a lot about the withdrawal from opioids. More commonly than not, individuals believe that withdrawing from heroin is the worst withdrawal of any drug. When in reality, alcohol and benzodiazepines have the most severe and deadly withdrawal. However, opioids have are worse post acute withdrawal syndrome.
Post acute withdrawal syndrome happens after detox and the duration can last for days, weeks, and/or months. Detox usually last about 5-7 days and that involves the extreme dope sickness. The syndrome’s symptoms include the inability to think clearly, memory problems, emotional overreactions, sleep disturbances, and depression. I have always heard that the major reason that people relapse is because of the dope sickness. Scott Farnum stated
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