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The video that I have chosen from is called, “Why You Should Talk to Strangers,” by Kio Stark. I chose this video because the title really had me wondering what her answer would be and what justification she had behind it. The big picture behind her speech was to acknowledge people when you see them. We walk around the University of Louisville’s campus all the time, seeing people we don’t know and never speak to them. This video really influenced me to want to talk to the people I pass by every day and say a single, “Hi,” to them. Within her presentation Stark views, “…the overlooked benefits of pushing past our default discomfort when it comes to strangers and embracing those fleeting but profoundly beautiful moments of genuine connection.” I see this speech as being persuasive because Stark is trying to inspire everyone to be friendly and talk to one another. In her speech Stark talks about how she feels about talking to strangers. She brought up a story about her and her daughter walking around town and Stark saying, “Hi,” when walking past someone. Her daughter asked her why she says hi and asked if she knew them. This really caught Stark’s attention. “It’s good to be friendly, but it’s good to know not when to be.” Stark using several different stories about her past with strangers and why this taught her to push herself to talk to them, shows she is trying to persuade others to do the same. After rewatching this video again, I paid more attention to her
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