The Video Titled World War II

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The video titled World War II Part 1#35 focuses on the events that were taking place in America before the actual engagement in the war began and the manner in which the US got into the war. The video also focuses on the fighting that the US was engaged in concentrating on such aspects as the military tactics utilized and their impact on the war. The main thrust of the army tactics explored is focused on aerial warfare and specifically the massive bombings that took place until the dropping of the war-ending atomic bombs on Japanese cities. In the part one video, the impact of the war is depicted in the numbers of civilians that were targeted throughout the war. The devastating attack on Pearl Harbor is mentioned as the reason the US finally joined the war in an active capacity. However, at some point, the US was also providing weapons to both Britain and the USSR to fight Nazi Germany
The video segment titled World War 11 part 2 # 36 is concerned with the impact that the war had on American policy and with the Americans at home. The war effort led to a strengthening of the Federal government. The Federal government controlled all facets of the economy, and the war created an increased need for manpower. The joblessness rate declined to about two percent as most Americans were employed in the forces or labored in the military-based factories manufacturing war machinery, ammunition, and other military goods. Big business in the US became even more profitable as they were…

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