The Vienna Circle, By Rudolph Carnap And Kurt Godel

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The “Vienna Circle” was a group of philosophers of the twentieth century, who met with the aim of finding the truth. These famous philosophers founded a school of thought known as logical or empirical positivism, and as a result of that, this school is highly recognized in the history of philosophy. In other words, this group, also known as a gang of philosophers, has as much right to be a school of philosophy as any other school at that time. The group included several philosophers such as Rudolph Carnap and Kurt Godel, who were the founders of the group, which as its name, began meeting in Vienna in the twentieth century. These philosophers who formed the “Vienna Circle”, dedicated to the philosophy of reconciliation with the new sciences and decided to take charge themselves to assess the truth only in terms of empirical verifiability, or logical of language, which lead philosophy a path interesting. This is called either, “Logical Positivism” or “Empirical Positivism”. 7- Articulate the main themes found in existentialism. We can affirm that all existentialists have in common the doctrine that existence precedes essence, and this is the main idea. This thinking suggests that the most important thing for people is that we are conscious beings (existence) that act freely and independently. Therefore, we cannot be defined by stereotypes, categories, definitions, or other aspects pertaining to the individual (essence). What people do in their daily lives is what

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