The Vietnam War : A Great Loss For The United States

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Considered a great loss for the United States, the Vietnam War claimed thousands of U.S. lives. Throughout the power struggles, warfare, and lost lives, Francis “Frank” Horsting unloaded supply ships on the beaches of Vietnam. Drafted at the age of twenty, Frank traveled to Fort Knox in Kentucky before he set off for Vietnam. Along the way he sent a gift to his wife, Rebecca; this gift, a twelve-piece set of Noritake brand china, will forevermore hold a spot in Frank Horsting’s family as it trickles down the family tree. Many factors played a role in why the war began and why the United States intervened. While in Vietnam, among the fighting and bloodshed, Frank Horsting sent his wife Rebecca a china set that would stay in the family for generations to come.
The longest, most unpopular war fought by the United States, the Vietnam War (Caputo 4), claimed 50,000 of its lives (Samuels 4). The Viet Minh, a resistance group, conducted a campaign in 1946 with the intent to Vietnam, a French colony, into two separate countries. Known as the “domino theory,” the fear of communism spreading throughout Vietnam frightened the United States. (Samuels 4) The United States decided to intervene when “North Vietnamese military action forced a French withdrawal from Vietnam.” Beginning March 8-9, 1965, President Johnson sent the first round of troops to South Vietnam. Although the troops landed in 1965, their assistance to Vietnam began much earlier when they promoted the rulers of colonial
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