The Vietnam War And The Military Interventions

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People must learn about history in order not to repeat humanity’s errors. Germany perhaps could have learned from Napoleon’s mistake in Russia, and the United States from their repeated errors in Afghanistan and Vietnam. Unfortunately history isn’t the most interesting genre people seek when learning. Today movies have made it possible to transmit a narrative about an historical event in a more direct and personal way than books. Two historical moments that have acquired attention in both theater and literature are the Vietnam War and the military interventions in the Middle East post 9/11. The way these conflicts are presented to the people, and how they affect both soldiers and veterans differs greatly between both communication mediums. Books like Dispatches and The Forever War and movies like Born on the Fourth of July and Lions for Lambs were created to provide the people a more personal and realistic account of what occurred to the soldiers in combat. Vietnam and many other countries’ independence after World War II made it possible for Soviets to expand their political ideology of Communism. The American government created a monstrous enemy out of communism and fought to convince every citizen of its much-needed eradication. Characters, like senator McCarthy, even brought the battle to the States, causing the arrest of even famous Hollywood actors. The World Powers had accumulated nuclear weapons, which made war too dangerous for the people. This new type of war,

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