The Vietnam War And The War Essay

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This paper will be explaining the similarities, and differences, between the Vietnam War and the War in Afghanistan. There are many topics that bring these two wars together. However, I am only going to be talking about public support, policy objectives, military strategy, weapons, fighting spirit, links to home, and death totals. These topics have a lot of information about them, but there is too much to write about every little detail, so I will cover the broad overview of them. Each paragraph will be about one of the topics. There will also be a discussion about insurgencies and counter insurgency operations. These are two big topics in Vietnam and Afghanistan since almost all of the enemy in both wars were, and are, comprised of insurgents and different types of militia groups.

Whether or not America is Enduring its Second Vietnam. In Comparison with Afghanistan. Many people believe that the persistent armed conflict in Afghanistan is was beginning to resemble another famous war that the United States has been in: The Vietnam War. Some people have coined it “Americas Second Vietnam” There are many similarities between the two wars, the majority pertaining to Counter Insurgency (COIN) operations and campaigns. The Counter Insurgency operations in Vietnam have taught the U.S. a lot that can be applied to Afghanistan. According to Phillips (2015) “Although our understanding and steadfast support can make a significant difference, ultimate success depends on
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