The Vietnam War During The 20th Century Essay

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Vietnam War occurred in the 20th century was the longest war in the American history, aimed to stop the spread of the Communism of South East Asian . The United States had involved in the conflict in Vietnam as the global superpower following it triumph over the Axis forces in the Second World War, but left Vietnam with a mortifying lost, with a high level of casualty . The perennial and most grievous war created long-term aftermath and impacts on most perspectives of the American life from military, domestic politics, diplomacy, economy and cultures, some of which remain to the present . The Vietnam War spurred the change of the attitudes in an American generation, created a split in the American society that had not existed in the past . American public lost the faith in government, as well as in the sincerity and competence of the authority. The humiliating loss in Vietnam War was a valuable lesson for the United States. It also sabotaged American confidence in the superiority of the nation and the commitment to internationalism, as well as destroyed the American prestige . The Vietnam War occurred in 1954 and ended in 1975, which was a long-running and traumatic conflict between the communist forces in the Northern Vietnam back by China and Soviet Union against a South Vietnamese non-communist government supported by the United States . The war caused 3 million people dead, including more than 50,000 Americans and at least 1 million of Vietnamese civilians . The
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