The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War also known as the Second Indochina war took place in December 1956 through April 30 1975 to the fall of Saigon. It is one of the most debatable armed forces combats that the United States of America participated in. The United States involvement the civil war that took place in South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, was characterized by numerous conflicting positions. South Vietnam was supported by United States and other anti-communist countries. The Viet Cong or” NFL” a lightly armed South Vietnamese communist fought a “Guerrilla war” against anti-communist forces in the region. The U.S government viewed American involvement in the war as a way to stop a communist take-over of South Vietnam. The North Vietnamese government and the Viet Cong were fighting to reunify Vietnam under communist rule. According to the Domino theory, if one state went communist, then then other states in the region would follow. Many American men and women were instructed to leave their country and travel thousands of miles to Vietnam and participate in this warfare. However, the involvement of the United States in this war was questioned by some members of the international community. The American citizens are also divided in their approval of their countrymen’s involvement in the conflict at Vietnam. The questionable cause or motive of the United States’ government is the primary reason as to why some people are questioning the intention of the country’s intervention.

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