The Vietnam War, Grandpa's Story

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“The Vietnam war was a costly and very long conflict that eroded the communist regime of North Vietnam and its allies against the South Vietnam and its ally, us the United States of America (Unknown Source).” The Vietnam War began on the eve of 1959, causing a struggle between two of our major national forces. These two forces were attempting to unify the country the both love, Vietnam. Many of the young souls were young men, such as my grandfather who felt that they were helping their country. Like my grandpa, many of the soldiers have not served in a war before, and were recruited into the war. The troops of the United States knew who they were fighting, which was the North Vietnam, however, they had no idea of what kind of enemy they…show more content…
My grandpa told me, that I soon looked up that the Special Forces placed many of their defense groups in villages. First the goal was to protect, however the goal surely shifted to focus on the surveillance on the North Vietnam, giving inside missions to detect and interdict enemy infiltration routes. My grandfather’s story was an amazing one. While he talked he spoke about so much passion the soldiers had fighting in the war. He told the story how the one day he had to go out into battle. The United States troops fought in the horrible plains, and tangled, unbearable woods. They walked through swamps, and lived in horrible conditions. My grandpa said that being on the field there was an almost seventy percent chance of being killed. The living conditions were so bad than many of the soldiers died along the way while moving locations. Everyone was on standby, and they didn’t have many tents to live in while they traveled. Tents carried extra weight while traveling. The Vietnam War, changed the life of many soldiers. Paw paw said that there was not enough food for everyone during the war. While the United States was trying to give food to their troops as well as give food to the South Vietnamese, as they fought in battle as well. The food was rationed, if they ate at all however it was a simple price to pay. While fighting to help the South Vietnamese. My grandfather spoke about
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