The Vietnam War. In The Vietnam War, Mark Atwood Lawrence

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The Vietnam War In The Vietnam War, Mark Atwood Lawrence goes in depth with research from many different sides of the Vietnam war and accounts for the different events that took place during this time and the many elements that led to the war. He talks about the significance of the war and how it wasn’t just another war. Lawrence also discusses the effect it had on not just our history but world history. Lawrence gives a visual of the war from all sides, from the earliest days of French colonization to the last helicopter fleeing the American embassy, but mainly focuses on the American involvement from 1965 to 1975. He clearly and precisely goes over and researches to accurately examine the motives of both the Vietnamese communists and…show more content…
economic aid to the Diem regime, it was doomed due to its internal corruption. The same argument is used to evaluate U.S. military tactics: Successes on the battlefield petered out due to a fundamental flaw in strategic assumptions. Revisionists such as Mark Moyar will surely disagree, but Lawrence does represent the majority opinion among U.S. historians at the moment. His narrative begins well before American forces set foot in Vietnam, delving into French colonialism 's contribution to the 1945 Vietnamese revolution, and revealing how the Cold War concerns of the 1950s led the United States to back the French. The heart of the book covers the "American war," ranging from the overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem and the impact of the Tet Offensive to Nixon 's expansion of the war into Cambodia and Laos, and the final peace agreement of 1973. Finally, Lawrence examines the aftermath of the war, from the momentous liberalization-"Doi Moi"-in Vietnam to the enduring legacy of this infamous war in American books, films, and political debate. A. The author’s particular bias or point of view. Is the writer impartial, objective or prejudiced, sympathetic to any social class or group or economic and political practices? Why have they written this book--do they have “an ax to grind?” For example, a participant in the Russian Revolution of 1917, World War II, or the German Revolution of 1989 who then authored a work on the

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