The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

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The Vietnam War began November 1st, 1955 and ended April 30th, 1975. It was a long costly war that involved North Vietnam and their Southern allies, known as Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its main ally the United States. This war was very unpopular at home and would end with the withdrawal of the United States and the unification of Vietnam under communist control. Many think of war as something that just men are involved in but very rarely do people think of the role of women in the war. “Like many of the men going over to Vietnam to serve their country, young women from all over the nation volunteered to serve as nurses in the hospitals and medical facilities in South Vietnam. These women volunteered for a variety of reasons: to serve their country, to help the service men who were wounded, to receive training and an education, to further their military careers, to prove themselves or just to have an adventure” (Texas Tech University). There is not much evidence about the female Vietnam war veterans. Although this is true the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Foundation states that approximately 11,000 military women were stationed in Vietnam during the conflict. Many of these women served as nurse sin the war but they also worked as physicians, clerks, intelligence officers, air traffic controllers etc. There were not only women involved in the armed forces but rather other women served in Vietnam as part of organizations such as Red Cross, United Service…

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