The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

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During the 1940’s Vietnam was trying to break free of French reign over their country. During this time period Vietnam was split into two parts, north and south. The Japanese had decided to take over Vietnam in 1942. They couldn’t capture all of Vietnam, so they decided to retreat. North Vietnam proclaimed independence on September 2, 1945 as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The State of Vietnam declared independence on June 14, 1949, but remained under French rule until August 1, 1954. South Vietnam was the successor state to the State of Vietnam under the name of Republic of Vietnam. Both parts of Vietnam merged into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975, after the Vietnam War. During the Cold War, the US and Russia could never risk an all out war against each other, so instead, they decided to proxy war Vietnam. This left Vietnam in shambles after the war. Starting from 1862, The French had Vietnam under control for 79 years. During these 79 years, the French changed nearly everything in Vietnam. A western style system of education was being developed in Vietnam at the time. Vietnam had an extremely low literacy rate before the French had come. After they invaded Vietnam, the literacy increased by a great amount, more than half of the country was literate. Roman Catholicism was propagated widely throughout the country as their religion. The French developed a plantation economy to promote exportation of goods. These goods included tobacco, indigo, tea,

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