The Vietnam War On American Society

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In 1954, the communist forces of Ho Chi Minh defeated the French, accentuating the growing success and power that Vietnam held. America was calm at first as they held the belief that Vietnam would serve as a barrier to communism. Unfortunately, when communism kept spreading, America panicked. American troops were sent into Vietnam and the citizens of America were lied to about the reason for the presence of the troops in Vietnam. The years 1964 to 1975 were characterized by the negative effects of the Vietnam war on American society and how they heightened social, political and economic tensions by drafting Americans, creating and repealing the Gulf of Tonkins, uncontrollable war spending, and the protests towards Nixon and his lying. The social relationships in America were already tense due to the inequalities handed out to a large portion of American inhabitants but the relationships worsened during the Vietnam War. Drafting was a very large reason for the strained national affairs. Black men were drafted and sent to East Asia to fight for America and were being treated better there than the country they were fighting for. (Doc C) As the Vietnam War escalated, so did the civil rights protests and that created more strain in the social ties of the country. The drafting conditions were unpleasant and unfair and men who met the age requirements who did not attend college were more likely to be drafted to serve which created stress on the relationship between college and
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