The Vietnam War On South Vietnam

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The Vietnam War started on the first day of November in 1955. The main opponents were the United States and South Vietnam against North Vietnam and the Vietcong. The Americans wanted to contain communism in fear of it spreading to other countries while the North Vietnamese wanted to unite both parts of Vietnam. At first, the Americans only trained South Vietnamese troops to do all of the fighting while the North Vietnamese employed the Vietcong to help their military take over South Vietnam. Despite having a successful military campaign, the United States lost the Vietnam War politically. According to Young (1995), the American anti-war movement helped cause the United States to lose the Vietnam War. Young (1995) also supports this by stating that “America lost because of its democracy.” A main reason behind the war’s unpopularity is that it was the first uncensored war and was covered by the media. At first the American public was split over the war, but eventually shifted to disapproval. The media showed violent images and the use of napalm which was not liked at all. The Pentagon Papers were also used by the media to prove that the government was lying to the public about the war. Trust in the government decreased even more when Nixon resigned due to the Watergate Scandal and according to Young (1995), Nixon’s resignation assured the North Vietnamese that they would win the Vietnam War. Another cause of the American anti-war movement was that it took much longer than
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