The Vietnam War Essay

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Turning Point of Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was an extension of Cold War –An Ideological conflict between Capitalism and Communism. In this protracted war scores of critical events happened and many proxy wars were fought between Nations belonging either of the Capitalist/ Communist bloc. The contrasting ideas of West and East about Government and economy was the driving force between the than two major forces of the World. The Western Nations were in favor of bringing democratic system of Government and Capitalist economy in the newly liberated Nations whereas, Russia considered it to its right specially on Eastern European countries. United States considered Communist's expansion more threatening in 1949, when Mao communists
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During 1955-1960, North Vietnam and its Allies tried to conquer the South Vietnam. America thought that supporting South Vietnam in the battle would make America seem reliable and trust worthy. It entered into the war, little by little, piece by piece, over the time. Initially there was no approval, whatsoever, by the United States Congress. But subsequently, in August 1964 US destroyer ‘ Maddox' was attacked by North Vietnamese Torpedoes, which paved way for free hand to the US president by the Congress. The Congress allowed to escalate and gave powers to wage war. The Resolution was passed unanimously except opposition by one, Wayne Morse, who said, "I believe that within a century, future generation will look at dismay and great disappointment upon a Congress, which is now about to make such a historic mistake". There appeared a flaw in this decision of Congress, i.e. it lacked thorough study about culture and, livings of Vietnamese people besides having geographical and seasonal conditions of that area before carrying out the offensive. America initially mostly relied upon Rolling Thunder, which was a massive demonstration of US firepower and Military Might. But it did little effect due to no Industry or Installations to be destroyed in North Vietnam. The built-up of US forces continued till 1967, when the figure rose to about 500,000. Casualties were considerably increasing without much progress,

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