The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War From President Truman to President Nixon there was a belief that communism in Southeast Asia jeopardized American interests. President Johnson sent over a half million troops to mediate the civil war happening in Vietnam. As the Vietnam War struggled in its second era, there seemed to be no visible end in sight. American casualties and violence were increasing in vast numbers. Young men who had received…show more content…
This idea included all freedoms, from racial, sexual and religious biases. The thought that power and money were identical with morality was tested by the students who were the next possible victims being trained by the systems callous disposition. This is how students felt, and they were appalled and believed they were looked upon by the administration as “business as usual” on the campus. Under the leadership of Johnson and Nixon, the country had grown increasingly critical as our own dead and injured returned from the battlefield. Finally, when Hai Phong Harbor was mined, Cambodia invaded, and the heaviest bombing on civilians started up. Campuses went crazy, and unarmed student protestors were fired upon and killed by the National Guard at Kent State University and by the police at Jackson State University (University of Miami Libraries, 2006). The effects of the war were most difficult on the baby boomer era. Draft appeals were increasing to the young people while civil rights and counterculture were urging students to demand answers on America’s objectives. No matter what you believed in, every American stood their position on the war. The Johnson Administration intended on fighting the war in cold blood, which means going to war in Vietnam would have little influence on domestic

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