The Vietnam War Remains A Piece Of Controversial History

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Essay Prompt #14 Comparative Question 1: The Vietnam War remains a piece of controversial history in our nation’s timeline. Unlike our country’s participation in the World Wars, much of the war in Vietnam centered on a conflict of abstract ideals. America’s policy of containing communism greatly influenced many significant political decisions during the Cold War Era. In addition, this passage of time brought about drastic cultural and ideological shifts within our country. Although these changes can be clearly seen through the civil rights movement, rock n’ roll, and the emerging counterculture, the views of our country’s officials too show enormous change. The shift of beliefs from John F. Kennedy’s idealistic, Cold War-rooted outlook on containment to Robert McNamara’s recognition of war’s harsh realities, serve as a magnificent example of the radical changes that occurred during the 1960s. While appearing handsome and youthful, President Kennedy still echoed many of the old and rigid ideals of the Eisenhower Administration. His words embody a sense of confidence and stubbornness regarding America’s approach to foreign affairs. Ideas such as the domino theory and the policy of containment colored his actions when the country of Vietnam began to fall to communism. Even when the tragic cost of sending troops became apparent to Kennedy, he maintained the firm conviction that America’s participation in the war was not only important, but necessary. In a letter to Bobbie Lou
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