The Vietnam War Summary

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The Vietnam War, also called the “American War” in Vietnam, began in 1954 and ended in 1975. A conflict between North Vietnam including their allies the Viet Cong, and the government of South Vietnam and its allies, fighting for total control of the country. A war in which Communism had a very influential participation of the North, and U.S. influence in the south. But it was not until March, 1965 that the first American combat troops would land at China Beach, north of Da Nang, and continue to fight up until August of 1973 when the U.S. finally decided to end their involvement in the war. In Phillipp Parottis’ “Consorting with the Enemy”, he provides a firsthand experience of one of his memorable moments during his deployment throughout the…show more content…
He emphasizes that “every person involved in the Vietnam War is a victim of war.” (140) by listing all types of incidents throughout the war that affected the people either in a dramatic way or even by death. Listing anything from death to abandonment, to slave labor, to bombings, Napalm strikes, Agent Orange and so on. He also provides factual numbers of troops, flights and total number of bombs by tons that were dropped from both sides of the war. He then talks about how the face of Christ teaches the people to be human. How every atrocity they had committed, and no matter what side it was, that what they did to themselves they did to Christ. It then becomes clear in this war narrative that in order to forgive, in order to begin to heal, in order to end the hatred and acknowledge the responsibility in the tragedies that took place, in order to do all that, we need to know Christ. A religious point of view this time of the Vietnam War that was so destructive and so menacing that people all over the battlefield were trying in so many ways to find peace, to find some sort of get away from the war that in my examples of these
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