The Vietnam War Was A Brutal Conflict

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The Vietnam War was a brutal internal conflict between North and South Vietnam over the North 's attempt to spread communism. Taking place between 1961 and 1975, it became America 's second longest war. This battle destroyed countless villages, farmlands, forests, and neighboring countries of Vietnam. It took the lives of about two million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians, and over fifty-eight thousand American soldiers. In an effort to cease the spread of communism, many American troops were sent over by President John F. Kennedy to aid the South Vietnamese army. The U.S. provided South Vietnam and neighboring Southeast Asian countries with military supplies, combat troops, and economic aid. The controversy of U.S. participation in…show more content…
This war was becoming less about Vietnam, and more about American honor. Consequently, time and lives were being taken away because America wanted to do the "right thing".
During this era, drafting was crucial. A total of 648,500 of men were drafted into the Vietnam War. Most soldiers who were drafted came from unwealthy, working-class families and only had a high school education. "According to Christian Appy in Working-Class War, 'most of the Americans who fought in Vietnam were powerless, working-class teenagers sent to fight an undeclared war by presidents for whom they were not even eligible to vote '" (Draft). Their opportunities to improve themselves and their lifestyles were thrown out the window because of the draft. Families struggled emotionally as their loved ones were being taken away from them. They were sending their husbands, sons, and brothers to fight for a war that was not theirs to fight. It was said that the South Vietnamese army was not effective as U.S. troops. Veteran Lieutenant Federick Downs Jr. stated, "He had faith that his country could win the war, but he found the South Vietnamese army to be lazy and ineffective. 'Maybe the people in Nam are worth saving, but their army isn 't worth shit, ' he wrote in his memoir" (Roark 861). This made it harder for people to support the war. How could they send their men to help a country that could not help themselves? Even with the amount of aid provided by the States, there was still no progress
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