The Vietnam War Was A Long And Costly Conflict

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Causes if the Vietnam War Before WWII Vietnam belonged to the French Empire but during the war, it was taken over by the Japanese but since they were being defeated they retreated back to Japan. This gave the chance to the Vietnamese people to create their own government led by Ho Chi Minh but at the end of the war, the south was given back to the french while the north was led by the Chinese, who was not communist at the time, so Ho Chi Minh lost all his power. When the Chinese pulled out in 1946 the Ho Chi Minh party took over-The Viet Minh and by October the French stated their intention of reuniting back with north but it would all be under the french rule so the Viet Minh prepared to fight back. War started in November 1946 where the…show more content…
The North Vietnamese army was supported by the Soviet Union, China and other communist allies whereas the South Vietnamese army were supported by the United States, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and other Anti-communist countries. The Vietnam war took place because North Vietnam was fighting to unify Vietnam but the US intervened and helped the communist takeover. This was part of a larger plan from the US to eliminate communism. Major Significant Events: The Spring Offensive The 1975 Spring Offensive was a series of large offensive operations to force south Vietnam and it 's rallied back and eventually defeat the armed forces.and force the government to surrender. After initial success, North Vietnam increased its attack and continued to push forward.This was also the initial idea of the Easter offensive in 1972 but it failed due to strong US forces but due to decreases in American military aid which was south Vietnam 's main power the spring offensive was successful. Unable to fight back and cope without the large US support south Vietnam collapsed causing large numbers of casualties. South Vietnam 's immediate action was to regroup its forces and decrease the area that its troops had to defend, thereby surrendering space for time. However, due to a miscommunication, lack of authority and management lead to the loss of Buôn Ma Thuột and a

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